The Torres-Douglas Corporation (TDC) was incorporated in the District of Columbia on September 26, 2003. TDC specializes in Computer Assisted Design (CAD) design services and renovation/construction projects. TDC is evolving into a full design-build company and will expand into General Contracting services. Customers for TDC services include homeowners, general contractors, architectural firms, and engineering firms. The target market for TDC is the Washington-Baltimore Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA).

Improve the human condition while in the pursuit of growth.
Our Mission

Our Services

  1. Construction Permit Drawings
  2. Permit Expediting
  3. Civil Drawings
  4. Mechanical Drawings
  5. Electrical Drawings
  6. Architectural Renderings
  7. HVAC System Drawings
  8. Landscape Drawings